Catalogue No: BL001JF
Artist(s): Blondie
Location: Glasgow Apollo, Scotland
Date: 22nd May 1977
Era: The 1970’s
Edition: 30/30/30
Print type: Traditional Darkroom Print (Hand printed from the original negative)
Paper type: Ilford Warmtone Fibre Based paper

Debbie Harry (Blondie) at the Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, May 1977, kicking off their first UK tour, supporting the band Television (another American rock band). The Glasgow Apollo was Scotland’s premier rock venue

Jill Furmanovsky recalls ‘More collectors buy pictures of Debbie Harry than of any other female musician in our archive. It is not only her beauty that attracts, the rock world is full of beautiful girls, it’s that Debbie Harry also has 100% credibility as a great artist.This is a rare combination, this is what makes an icon.’