Pink Floyd (Price On Application)

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Catalogue No: PF002JF
Artist(s): Pink Floyd
Location: Nassau Stadium, New York, USA
Date: February 1980
Era: The 1980’s
Edition: 30/30/30
Print type: C-Type Prints
Paper type: Archival Fujicolour Crystal paper


David Gilmour’s superb guitar solo during ’Comfortably Numb’. This was shot during Pink Floyd’s  The Wall Tour in New York in February 1980. “I like live shots. They are the most effective shots because they’re the only ones that show you doing what you do rather than posing for a camera.” (David Gilmour in ’The Moment’)

The New York Times stated “‘The ‘Wall’ show remains a milestone in rock history though and there’s no point in denying it. Never again will one be able to accept the technical clumsiness, distorted sound and meagre visuals of most arena rock concerts as inevitable” and concluded that “the ‘Wall’ show will be the touchstone against which all future rock spectacles must be measured.”

Jill Furmanovsky says, “This picture was nearly lost to Pink Floyd history when their manager, acting on instructions from Roger Waters, tried to confiscate my roll of film after the gig. Luckily, he failed. David Gilmour’s chorus to the song ‘Comfortably Numb’, one of the few on that album with a co-credit, was nearly axed by Roger Waters. Luckily, it survived intact because the beautiful refrain “There is no pain you are receding…” is followed by one of the most sublime guitar solos in rock history.

This picture was taken as David played it on his Black Strat while perched on top of the wall.”