Catalogue No: OA005JF
Artist(s): Oasis, Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher
Location: Paris, France
Date: November 1995
Era: The 1990’s
Edition: 30/30/30
Print type: Traditional Darkroom Print (Hand printed from the original negative)
Paper type: Ilford Warmtone Fibre Based paper

Oasis photographed by Jill Furmanovsky in Paris in November 1995.

Jill recalls, “Terrible vibes between Noel and Liam produced a wonderful set of pictures. Liam was drunk and minutes before this was taken had been chasing Parisians on bicycles over the bridge before hurling his drink at the wall. To make things worse we were being tailed by paparazzi. Noel was thoroughly fed up but the session continued. The strange angles sum up the dark mood of the day.”

Noel Gallagher said during a recent chat with Jill, “We were just so uninterested in being there. I Just remember Liam being absolutely rat-arsed and being in a proper f**king bad mood. As you can see, we’ve dressed up specifically for the occasion to have our picture taken in Paris. And it looks like we’ve just walked off a building site.

We did some really amazing gigs in Paris and it’s where we played with Neil Young at the Zenith but it’s also the place of some catastrophic days and nights. And I remember Paris is where I wrote ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’. And it’s where the band broke up. It’s quite a significant place in the tale of Oasis.”

This image is available as a 20×16″ silver gelatin print in an edition of 30. It is also available as a giclee print at sizes A1 or A0 from an edition of just 10. All prints are numbered, signed by Jill Furmanovsky and come with a certificate of authenticity.